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Borjomi — 125 years of high quality and best ingredients

Borjomi, Georgian mineral water, celebrates 125 years since it was first bottled on production scale. Its first commercial lot was produced in 1890. Nowadays, this legendary brand is Georgia’s national pride, its trademark that is famous far beyond the borders of Georgia. Consumers from 40 countries know and appreciate Borjomi for its high quality, unchanging composition of minerals of volcanic origin and unique characteristics of this Georgian water.

Borjomi mineral water is produced in the Borjomi valley (Georgia) situated on the territory of Borjomi-Kharagauli National park. Borjomi’s mineral composition has not changed since 1830, from the start of permanent laboratory observations.

The secret of Borjomi is that the water is enriched with a composition of 60 different minerals, thanks to which it acts as «shower from within» cleansing the body. It is alkaline mineral water of Borjomi type nutritionists recommend for drinking when eating meat, fat or spicy food as well as after drinking alcohol, to deal with the consequences of overnutrition and hangover.

«For 125 years, Borjomi has been and still remains the pride of every citizen of Georgia, the main attribute of every Georgian celebration and the synonym to Georgian hospitality», Zaza Kikvadze, IDS Borjomi Georgia CEO says, — «We realise the high value of each drop of this unique water and pay great attention to the springs it comes from. The product itself, its composition and taste are unique; they are created by nature itself, and our task is to preserve all its functional features, bottle it and supply it to our customers. In order to guarantee high quality of Borjomi in the future, we carried out full reconstruction of the plant this year, and installed modern high-tech equipment that has no counterparts in Europe. The production line has been fully updated and is ready for working with increased output, which will enable us to satisfy the growing demand for the product in various countries worldwide as well as guarantee the high quality of the product in the future».

Borjomi is a mineral water that is rich with natural carbon dioxide and, due to its unique complex of volcanic minerals, it cleanses the body from excessive amount of food or products the organism is not used to. It is produced in the Borjomi valley (Georgia) situated on the territory of Borjomi-Kharagauli National park. It is exported to over 40 countries.